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GTA 5 release date in 2011?

The last video game of the GTA series (Grand Theft Auto IV) was released three years ago, on the 29th April 2008. Some people say that it’s an unusually long time for Rockstar, but the famous analyst  Michael Pachter strongly believes that the new GTA 5 will be released this year. Grand Theft Auto IV has been released for years after the previous GTA San Andreas release.

During the presentation of Take Two’s fiscal results, they didn’t say any information about the next GTA 5. According to Michael Pachter, it could be released at the end of the year in December or in January. Why? Because many Rockstar’s employees contracts are ending on January 2012.

Perhaps Rockstar is working on a fully-fledged sequel for Grand Theft Auto V, which is opposed to the San Andreas & Vice City style sequel. The analyst also stated that GTA 5 is on the “back burner”, if it’s released before those contracts expire in January 2012, we should hear more about it pretty soon, maybe at the next E3 in June!

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